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Looking for a speaker for your next event?

Denamico's subject matter experts have experience speaking at workshops, HubSpot User Groups (HUGs), panel discussions, and conferences (yes, even INBOUND).

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Brendon Dennewill

Chief Executive Officer

Brendon is an experienced, steady, curious, listener with a passion for problem-solving at the intersection of business, marketing, and technology for sustained business success. His value comes from his big-picture perspective and unquenchable yearning for learning, self-improvement, and wanting to improve the lives of others.

His passion is helping business leaders identify and solve the biggest issues holding back their business growth. He uses the customer-centric philosophies and frameworks from organizations such as HubSpot, EOS, and Scaling Up to guide business leaders through the obstacles preventing their scalability, value, and team health. He is so committed to this passion that he plans to do this for the rest of his career.

If you're looking for a practical visionary who knows how to align people and systems to accelerate growth and improve customer and employee experience, Brendon is an authority.

  • How RevOps Aligns People & Technology for Better Growth
  • Why Every Business Should Operate like a Technology Company

Emily Grotkin

VP of Operations & Digital Enablement

Small human helping companies achieve large results using technology.

Emily comes from a diverse background in business development, marketing, human performance, and psychology. As the VP of Operations & Digital Enablement at Denamico, she has a reputation for leveraging her experience to help small-to-midsize companies simplify, implement, and integrate innovative technology and data to inform and accelerate growth.

  • The Importance of Data, Process, & Tech in the Digital Economy

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