Yes, online advertising is “interruption” marketing, and it’s not an inbound tactic.

But at Denamico, we believe that even interruption marketing has it’s time and place. An online advertising strategy can be a great asset to help augment your inbound marketing.

Here are some of our core online advertising services…

Social Media Advertising

Whether you’re looking to advertise on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, we can help you define precise advertising objectives, design ads in alignment with those objectives, and launch a social advertising campaign to help you achieve results. 

Common social advertising objectives may include increasing engagement, driving website traffic, increasing conversions and more.

Based upon your unique goals, we can develop and execute a social advertising strategy to boost your goal achievement.

If you’re looking for advanced Facebook advertising support, we can help there too. We have experience with advanced approaches like… Custom audiences to engage your existing email address or to retarget your website visitors through Facebook. Lookalike audiences to connect with people on Facebook who share traits with your best customers. Conversion tracking to know exactly how many high value actions happen as a direct result of your Facebook ad.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a great tool for generating more traffic to your site right away. But if you’ve spent any time managing PPC ads, you probably also know that the costs for these ads can climb pretty quickly. Bid inflation can diminish your ROI, and low-quality traffic can damage campaign performance.

Our team is aware of these PPC challenges, and we know how to overcome them to help you get top placement and high-quality traffic.

The process we use begins with an examination of your goals, your target audience (or persona), and leads up to bidding on your most relevant and cost-effective long-tail keywords. We’ll help you find the sweet spot between less competitive keywords (read: less expensive), yet highly relevant.

To help your business get the best ROI out of your advertising spend, we’ll examine opportunities for using PPC to drive campaign- and issue-based traffic as well as niche keywords and terms.

Our team can also generate focused, highly-targeted landing pages to optimize conversions for your PPC traffic.


Retargeting is a smart and effective online marketing solution that gets your brand’s message in front of the right people at the right time.

Remember your last online shopping experience? Perhaps you were shopping online at Amazon, Zappos, or Best Buy. Then, for the next few weeks, every time you went to your favorite social, news or even weather website, ads from the online stores you visited would surprisingly show up in the banner ads above or to the side! That's retargeting.

You’ve seen retargeting in action among the big businesses. And Denamico can make this smart marketing solution work for your business.

We’ll develop web ads for your business, and we’ll bid via an online auction to have your pre-designed ads displayed to internet users who fit your unique targeting profiles. This all happens within milliseconds as your prospective customers browse their favorite news, weather, shopping, or social media pages.

Here’s how retargeting gives your business a smart, competitive edge:
  • Custom ads displayed to people who fit your unique target market
  • Precise targeting that gets you qualified site visitors
  • Reduced cost per impression
  • Increased sales and conversions
  • Improved ROI
  • Cost effective branding

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