High quality content + marketing automation = powerful lead generation (and thought leadership) 

Note: The Build the Engine option is available for customers who have worked with Denamico to create their Inbound Marketing Blueprint.

The Build the Engine phase involves creating an inbound marketing funnel designed to share content specific to your target audience, educating them through each stage of their Buyer’s Journey. Here's where we configure your marketing automation, set up workflows, write foundational content offers, build landing pages, set up conversion forms, and build lead nurturing email sequences.

Contrary to what you might expect, we start at the end of the Buyer’s Journey and work backwards to the beginning in order to create content offers designed to answer the questions and challenges faced at each stage.

Then, using your marketing automation software (we recommend HubSpot), we build a powerful and personalized lead generation engine for you. Lead nurturing is all about education; we set up your marketing automation system to deliver personalized emails to the leads in your company's database, automatically.

Here's how the Build the Engine process works:

  1. We gather information from you in order to develop and write your premium content offers
  2. We build your campaign marketing automation components such as landing pages, conversion forms, thank you pages, thank you emails, and CTAs (calls-to-action)
  3. We write and create your lead nurturing emails and related workflows (typically in HubSpot)
What is required from you?

We already had a chance to get to know you and your business through the Blueprint process; for the Build the Engine phase, we are going to be helping you prepare your content and software for persona-focused marketing automation. 

Here's what we'll need from you:

The Kickoff Meeting
We'll have a kickoff meeting to give us a strong start to the Build the Engine process. We'll go over the timeline, what you can expect, and how we'll work together for the success of your project.

Marketing Automation Software Setup
We'll ask that you do the basic HubSpot set up that we defined in your Blueprint Action Plan. 

Access to Information and/or Your Staff
As our team researches and writes your premium content offers, we'll be reaching out to you, as the experts in your business, to be available to share information or be interviewed. Your input will be invaluable in creating the most relevent content offers for your buyer personas.

Timely Content Reviews and Approvals
As we develop your content offers, we'll also need your timely review and approval of each content piece before it goes live on your website and becomes part of your lead generation system.

The Final Meeting
At our final meeting, we’ll review the inbound marketing funnel that we've created for you and show you how it works, as well as discuss your next steps which will include blog campaigns, social promotion, tracking and analyzing your results, and optimizing your campaigns.

What do you actually get with Build the Engine? What are the typical deliverables?

  • 3 meetings with Denamico’s experienced digital strategists and marketing automation experts
  • Unlimited back and forth via email with the Denamico Team during the 6-8 week duration of the project
  • 3 Awareness stage content offers
  • 1 Consideration stage content offer
  • 1 Decision stage offer 
  • Campaign components related to the content offers (conversion forms, landing pages, thank you pages, thank you emails, and Calls-To-Action)
  • Lead nurturing emails and HubSpot workflows
What does Build the Engine cost? How much time does it take?

Build the Engine takes 6-8 weeks to implement and starts at $15k. (Total cost depends on how much help is needed on both the content creation and marketing automation build out.)


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