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Results Oriented

Our results are driven by one simple fact. We focus on what matters most – your success. And as an extension of your team, your success is our success. We are focused, disciplined, and accountable. We don’t chase vanity metrics, but we do place a premium on data-driven strategies and tactics. In fact, we are so focused on results that we operate based on two outcome-driven methodologies: Inbound Marketing and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).


What can we say? We love working with others! Our approach to collaboration is rooted in a deep respect for the strengths and talents that each person brings to the table. We unite your team’s insights and knowledge with our team’s marketing savvy to create one unified, dynamic partnership.


We believe that a truly collaborative, results oriented partnership must be nothing short of 100% transparent. And we live up to that belief. We’re committed to honestly presenting and delivering the most optimal solution for your goal achievement – even if that sometimes means having to say we’re not the right fit.


Our team is an analytical bunch; we like numbers and graphs and visualizing progress. It’s a bit of an obsession, actually. When we’ve raised the bar, we look for the next notch to set the goal to. We continually strive to achieve better results.

Optimistic and Positive

At the heart of our team is an optimistic and positive perspective. We move with a forward-thinking eye focused on the possibilities. Now, this is not to say that we operate on a permanent glass-half-full point of view. What it does mean is that we are creative problem solvers by nature. So while the glass may be half-full for some, we’ll be working on a refill plan.

Our Story

Denamico was founded in 2009 by Brendon Dennewill while he and Kristin lived in Spain. The name Denamico is a play on the Spanish word ‘dinamico’ meaning dynamic. Both knew that with today’s technology-driven marketing world, dynamic was a word that not only described the industry, but also described their own fluid adoption of new marketing strategies and technologies.

In 2011, Kristin Dennewill formally joined the Denamico team so they could grow the business together. A year later, Kristin and Brendon relocated their family to Minneapolis, Kristin’s hometown, so they could be closer to family. With a move back to the Twin Cities, they decided to re-launch Denamico as a Minnesota based marketing consulting firm.

Since the launch, we’ve worked in close collaboration with clients across a wide spectrum of organizations from business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and nonprofits.

Over the years, we have developed a disciplined marketing process and partnership approach. This approach is uniquely suited for companies that want to grow into their next stage of development, but simply do not have the time or know-how to leverage the ever-changing buying process and the digital landscape in a way that’s meaningful for their business and their customers.

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