“Denamico has taken our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to a new level. Our organization has seen exponential growth in engagement, with both new and existing partners and donors. With the expertise and guidance of Denamico's stellar team, we have built stronger and more loyal relationships. We have a a greater understanding of those we seek to engage and those who want to know more. With Denamico we are able to direct traffic in a more strategic way, to information about our product, services and those we serve. Relationships Matter. Results Matter. Denamico has taught us how to manage relationships with excellence, and help us shine a light on a problem, our solution, and allowed us to focus on the mission of our growing organization.”

Deb Mallin | Founder of Literacy Matters

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Mission | Literacy Matters Foundation

The Literacy Matters Foundation is a growing team of educators, content experts, technology gurus and strategists who have come together to help students master literacy by leveraging technology, refining curriculum, nurturing relationships, and painting a vision of the world where we’re all on the same page. The keystone for achieving the organization’s vision is delivering an evidence-based reading approach on a platform that is relevant for today’s student.


Our Partnership

While teaming up with Literacy Matters Foundation, we were able to identify areas of growth that would help drive donations while spreading the word about the Literacy Matters Solution, Mighty Doodle. We first created a content strategy with monthly communications, social media, and content to reach the Literacy Matters Network. By doing so, we were able to segment their HubSpot portal based on which persona each contact fell into (donors, educators, potential donors).

With a segmented portal supported by automation, Literacy Matters Foundation is now able to send personalized communications to the right audiences. With the proper audiences in place, Denamico and Literacy Matters Foundation are focusing on differentiating the foundation from the product while garnering donations and getting the product into schools.

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