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REVENUE GROWTH case study:
BOOSTING online sales for
a performance apparel manufacturer

the challenge:

offset seasonality of dance costume purchases

Designing and manufacturing the best creative performance apparel drives The Line Up to provide top-notch personalized customer attention. Their customers are studio, high school, and collegiate dance teams, NFL and NBA cheerleaders, synchronized skaters, athletes, and artistic performers from around the world. They are a small crew providing big possibilities. Chances are you've seen this Minneapolis-area manufacturer's work on a field, court, or rink throughout the nation.

Despite being well known in the performance apparel industry and having a strong social media presence, unclear marketing and sales goals were challenging the team to find new ways to increase online sales throughout the entire year due to the seasonality of the business.

The Line Up needed to maintain and increase strong website sales in alignment with their overall business goals. And with core values of collaborative teamwork, continuous improvement, and a commitment to excellence, they sought a behind-the-scenes partner to choreograph the steps for success moving forward.

67% increase in online sales
Customer Acquisition Cost decreased drastically



“After our campaigns were up and running, we saw a huge increase in web store sales. And that's what we really wanted to see."

Deb Erickson, Owner & Creative Director of The Line Up


With a customer base largely comprised of dance team coaches, Denamico was brought in to develop a strategic blueprint based on this targeted persona and specific business goals in terms of sales.

The primary goal of the inbound marketing strategy was to attract and convert more dance team coaches through marketing campaigns centered on educational content offers. A secondary goal was to bring The Line Up's marketing team up to speed with HubSpot's marketing automation tools.
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Given these goals, the following objectives were identified:

  • Become a destination for dance costume and performance apparel information
  • Use content to answer questions of potential buyers throughout their buying process
  • Make it easy for potential buyers to find what they're looking for on website
  • Answer as many customer questions as possible on website


Inbound Marketing Campaign Development

Drawing on content and inbound marketing methodology, we constructed a plan to position The Line Up as the "go-to" resource for coaches and dance teams. Because dance teams' schedules vary throughout North America, it was crucial to extend The Line Up's reach beyond a regional audience to create a more consistent flow of traffic, leads, and sales, year-round. 

In addition to SEO optimized blog topics, we created a content road map of offers for each stage of the buyer's journey (awareness, consideration, and decision). The resulting landing pages were then optimized for conversion using video content produced by Denamico's video marketing team.

To help nurture leads into customers, and customers into advocates for The Line Up brand, we also helped create automated email workflows and newsletters. 


HubSpot & Inbound Marketing Consulting

Using our strategic blueprint and build the engine projects, The Line Up's marketing team created their own blog content and premium content offers, which continue to address common questions related to dance costumes and coaching a team. This type of process works well for niche industries such as performance apparel manufacturing. 

And because of The Line Up's aggressive goals and hands-on approach, Denamico stayed on board to provide advice during bi-weekly inbound strategy sessions.

These meetings cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • strategic inbound marketing decisions
  • campaign reporting
  • content creation
  • video strategy and production
  • SEO optimization
  • paid social media
  • HubSpot training
  • goal setting and budgeting based on real data


Social & Video Marketing

Our partnership with The Line Up also includes developing paid social media and video marketing campaigns. Buyers of performance apparel are a tight-knit community, and keep in touch with trends, dance tips, events, and friends on various social media platforms. As such, we help The Line Up increase their reach on social media and promote upcoming sales, both of which drive traffic to the website.

And because performance apparel is meant to be seen in action, Denamico also teams up with The Line Up crew to strategize, script, film, edit, and implement video content to increase traffic and lead generation, as well as to enhance customer service and promote advocacy from their loyal customer base.




Working with Denamico, The Line Up's current online sales strategy is reducing the risk of seasonality historically associated with their business. Year-over-year online sales (2017 vs. 2016) for the first quarter increased by 67%. At the same time, their customer acquisition cost (CAC) decreased as their online reach and inbound campaigns improved.

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