Content, Analytics, Optimization. Check. 

Note: The Campaign Implementation option is available for customers who have worked with Denamico to create their Inbound Marketing Blueprint.

Campaign is a collection of online tactics that are designed to work together to achieve a specific goal (typically to attract visitors to a landing page where they can become a lead).

The Campaigns we implement are designed to run in 90-day sprints. This length of time as well as the metrics we gather during that time allow us to optimize how you are using content to improve your lead generation. 

Here's how the Campaign process works:

  1. We write and create your weekly blog posts and monthly newsletter
  2. We promote your content through the social channels that are appropriate for your business
  3. We perform analytics monitoring to track how well your content is driving visitors, leads, and sales
  4. We optimize your campaigns for continuous improvement
What do you actually get with Campaign Implementation? What are the deliverables?
  • monthly performance calls with Denamico’s experienced digital strategists and HubSpot experts
  • unlimited back and forth via email with the Denamico Team during the duration of the project
  • weekly blog posts
  • weekly social promotion
  • monthly email newsletter
  • ongoing tracking and analyzing your results with weekly email reports
  • regular optimizing your campaigns

What does Campaign Implementation cost? How much time does it take?

Campaign Implementation is offered in 90-day sprints. Cost depends on the amount of content we'll be developing based on your Inbound Marketing Blueprint.


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