Inbound Marketing Campaigns

content, analytics, optimization. check.

With an Inbound Strategy Blueprint and Build the Inbound Engine in place, you’re not left to wander alone if assistance is needed.

Promotion of your campaign will take time and resources in terms of writing blog posts, compiling email newsletters, scheduling social media posts, monitoring analytics, and making data-driven decisions moving forward.

Our digital experts have you covered with ongoing Inbound Campaign Management services. During your campaign, the team will create new content, report on lead generation performance, and make strategic recommendations.

With campaign management, you get a team of digital experts to support your goals.

Weekly Blog Content

Monthly Newsletter

Social Media Promotion

Monthly Reporting

Strategic Recommendations



How the Process Works

We write weekly blog content and a monthly newsletter based on your editorial calendar.
promote your content through applicable social channels for your business.
We monitor your content based on traffic, leads, and sales.
We optimize your campaign for continuous improvement based on data.


What Our Clients Say

"We love the way you orient your customers and keep us on track. We were impressed with your great processes and consider them valuable in improving our own customer experience as well. And we appreciate your commitment to staying on a schedule and delivering on time. Everything was great - thanks so much!"

- Deb Erickson, Owner/Creative Director of The Line Up
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