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Who We Are

Denamico is a full-service growth agency that consults with small- to mid-sized businesses to achieve their biggest goals through inbound marketing and sales. Our team consists of HubSpot experts, and enables strategic, sustainable growth through CRM implementations, sales enablement, marketing automation, marketing strategy, customer success, and data analytical services.

Our internal marketing team has treated Denamico as if it were one of our paying clients for the past 4 years. 


Increase registrations and attendance for online Webinars

With the current economic climate due to COVID-19, our team wanted to find a way to continue generating marketing qualified leads (MQLs) during the economic downturn as well as help other small- to mid-sized businesses through a series of free webinars.

Our internal marketing team decided to utilize paid LinkedIn ads, cast a wider net when marketing to our existing contact base, and leverage email automation and organic social media posting to get higher registration and attendance numbers for our second ever Denamico webinar. Afterwards, we developed a customized lead-nurturing email sequence to move attendees through the buyer's journey.



The Challenge

Our first webinar was rushed, and our planning and promotional process was disjointed.

Because of COVID-19, the digital marketing space was/is saturated with webinars and online promotions. Between March and April 2020, businesses across the globe rushed to produce digital content in hopes of maintaining customer engagement and lead generation as a result of in-person communication being suddenly unavailable for the foreseeable future.

Our first webinar in April 2020 boasted a grand total of three attendees. How are we supposed to communicate our value as a company full of HubSpot experts if we can't get in front of prospects in the first place? Despite the content of the webinar being great, the lack of attendance was a flop. Afterwards, we analyzed what we could have done differently, learned from it, and moved on.

When it came time to put on our second webinar, we knew that we had timely and relevant sales enablement tips to share, but wanted to make sure we had enough attendees to make it worthwhile.



Denamico's Solution

We gave some TLC to our planning, marketing, and execution processes, and got a lot of love back.

Our team tightened up our planning process by utilizing the following:

Strategy Document

We created one central source for all things webinar that we could all refer to and collaborate on, even when working remotely. This document provided structure to our overall execution process, as well as language for promotional materials. It included: 

    • Promotional timeline (for email, organic social, and paid social)
    • Overview of the webinar content
    • Our goals and objectives
    • Research & insight marketing notes, including relevant and current industry statistics
    • Audience insights
    • Running brainstorm section

Email and Organic & Paid Social

We nurtured our existing network, while casting a wider net to reach potential attendees who might not be familiar with our company.

For our email marketing, we didn't limit outreach to just our persona buckets, but instead opened up the invitation to our entire contact base, including existing customers.

For organic and paid social, we used language that communicated inviting our audience to a seat at the table with us, for a hands-on learning experience for salespeople and teams. Our paid social targeted primarily Minnesota and other midwest cities.


Webinar Landing

Before the webinar, our landing page served as a registration page to capture contacts and make sure that our webinar got on their calendars as quickly as possible. After the webinar, our landing page language was edited to capture contact information of those who may have missed the live event. Continuing to capture leads after the event is just as important!

An Engaging One-Time Offer

As an incentive for attending the live webinar, we offered registrants a one-time offer of a CRM Sales Onboarding Package at an incredible discount. Especially during times of economic downturn, we wanted to offer something for those who may not be able to afford our standard services. Additionally, offering a small starter package to new customers lays a powerful foundation for that customer to potentially buy into a larger service in the future. 



  • Number of webinar attendees increased 633%
  • Number of webinar registrants increased 517%
  • Deals from webinar increased 100%

Overall, our team recognized that a structured planning process is what ensures a successful webinar. Additionally, our planning process can now be utilized for future internal and client marketing initiatives.


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