"Denamico’s generous partnership with Africa Classroom Connection has resulted in reaching a broader audience than we had on our own. With Denamico’s guidance on our communications, we have been able to effectively and extensively share the important mission of our nonprofit organization."

Robyn Coquyt - Executive Director of Africa Classroom Connection



Mission | Africa Classroom Connection

Africa Classroom Connection holds a vision that every child in KwaZulu-Natal has the opportunity for an excellent education. Their mission is to provide resources to build and improve schools in KwaZulu-Natal. ACC works to have buildings constructed, help kids stay in school, and facilitate cultural exchanges/overseas travel.


Our Partnership:

Focusing on the goal of building and improving schools in KwaZulu-Natal, Denamico has been able to help ACC provide monthly inbound marketing content that highlights their recent success and helps increase donation contributions towards their goal of funding more classrooms.

Through the use of email marketing, Denamico creates custom monthly newsletters that provide valuable information to the ACC audience. We focus on educational resources, team member spotlights, volunteering opportunities, and donation call-to-actions in these newsletters that get sent to over 1,000 recipients. To be able to continuously improve the performance of the newsletters and become more efficient, hands-on email marketing training is also given to the ACC team.  

We look forward to continuing our efforts with Africa Classroom Connection in helping them unleash the potential of every child by providing access to educational opportunities.

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