Get sales and marketing in sync to generate and close leads? Yes, you CAN. 

In an ideal world, marketing and sales work together like a perfect partnership, each bringing their best selves and skills to the relationship to achieve better results together than they could have done alone.

However, the reality is that many marketing teams lack a full understanding of the sales process and often believe that sales ignores the deep branding work that has gone into creating the company message.

In turn, sales teams often believe they don't get enough qualified leads from marketing, they never have enough time to follow up on leads, and they spend too much time creating materials for sales presentations, proposals, etc.

If only sales and marketing had the same understanding of what is considered a "qualified lead", and what kind of information those leads need to keep moving through the sales funnel.

All for the overarching purpose of more efficient revenue growth for the organization.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, our Sales & Marketing Integration Workshop was designed specifically for you - because sales and marketing can accomplish a whole lot more by getting on the same page.

The Sales & Marketing Integration Workshop helps you:

  • understand why people do and don't buy from you
  • learn how you can better serve your prospects and customers so that they want to speak with you 
  • engage your entire organization in supporting this process and help each person understand their role in making it happen
What's the Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop like?

During this 3-hour workshop, you'll learn how buying has changed in the digital age and how your organization can utilize content marketing to support this new way of buying.

Many people say it's one of the most productive and rewarding events they’ve ever attended as an organization.

Who is a great fit for the Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop?

The Workshop is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • if you'd like your sales and marketing teams to be in better sync with each other
  • if the way you've always sold isn't working anymore and you need to make a change
  • as a great way to introduce your team to the power of content marketing as a lead generator.


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