We understand the essential role that social media plays in a business’s overall marketing plan.

We’ll also be the first ones to tell you that social media is about more than just likes and followers. We believe that social can and must deliver measurable results.

In order to obtain a strong ROI on social media, your business needs defined goals and a social media strategy to match those goals. And that’s exactly where Denamico starts.

We dig deep to define your goals, and we identify key performance indicators and outcome metrics to monitor progress. We also study your target audiences to determine priority social networks for goal achievement, key messages and themes for those audiences, as well as the best media types to be used across social.

At Denamico, you won’t see us taking a siloed approach to social media marketing. We believe that social media needs to be integrated with all your digital initiatives from website and blogging, to mobile and email. By having an integrated, omni-channel presence, your business can increase engagement, generate more leads, and improve the overall customer experience.

Here is a snapshot of the goals we can help you advance through social media:


From brand awareness to brand engagement and loyalty, we can develop and deploy a social media strategy to advance your business’s brand goals. The approach will include sharing brand content that resonates with your audiences, social listening to monitor brand mentions and sentiment, and real-time engagement that puts a human voice to your brand.

Lead Generation

Social media is an important tool in your lead generation marketing. Informed by your target audiences and buyer personas, we’ll generate and implement a social media plan to promote your content and expand your reach, drive more visitors to your landing pages, and engage real-time with your ideal customers.    

Social Advertising

While social advertising itself isn’t a goal, it is an important tool you can leverage to achieve a number of marketing objectives such as: increase website visitors, increase conversions, drive engagement and more. Based upon your unique goals, we can develop and execute a social advertising strategy to help boost goal achievement.

Social Selling  

These days, social selling receives a lot of hype and attention. And for good reason – with so many people active online, it makes sense to bring sales activities to the online space. But sometimes knowing how and where to start is a challenge. We’ll help you overcome that challenge by developing a social selling action plan that will transform your online sales team into social selling “helpers” (or “selpers”) who can build relationships with qualified prospects, answer key questions about industry issues, and close more sales.

Customer Service

More and more customers are turning to social media with questions, feedback and complaints. Not only do these customers expect a response, but they expect a prompt response. We can help your business put the tools, processes, and training in place to ensure your business can answer questions promptly, respond professionally to tough feedback, and celebrate loyal customers.

Employee Brand Ambassador Programs

One of the most powerful ways to expand your business’s reach on social media is to start with your employees. Each employee has his or her own social networks. And when a business cultivates, trains and empowers those employees to be brand ambassadors, the business’s reach is exponentially increased. But building and launching an employee brand ambassador program takes time, careful planning and plenty of training.

We’ll work with your teams to build an effective program that:

  • Identifies right-fit criteria for employee ambassadors
  • Trains and educates employee ambassadors
  • Establishes accountability
  • Defines the right tools to ensure success

Influencer Outreach and Engagement

Influencer marketing is all about building relationships with people who have influence over your prospective customers. At Denamico, we build realistic influencer strategies to help you achieve attainable goals.

We’ll start where you can get the greatest amount of momentum – your “everyday” customers who love you! We’ll assess your current audience base to determine the influencers closest to you. We will also examine your industry to identify key industry experts with a strong audience reach. Then, our team will develop a strategy to help you connect and activate those influencers.

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