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A 'Blueprint' for Growth

Here's the data...in 2018, 62% of the "Most Successful" companies using content marketing had a documented strategy. Of the companies struggling, only 16% had one. We believe in stacking the odds in your favor. At Denamico that means creating a growth strategy. 

Growth Strategies that fuse business goals, sales and marketing alignment, and inbound marketing are one of the core strengths and true differentiators. We call ours The Blueprint.

Our Proven Process

Denamico Inbound Marketing proven process

An Inbound Marketing Strategy Helps You:


  • Develop content that is connected to your overall sales and marketing process.
  • Create content that is “mapped” to how your customers buy from you today
  • Transform your website into an engaging sales tool that educates and build trust...fast!
  • Increase relevant traffic - because great Inbound marketing is great SEO!
  • Create journalistic-quality content to demonstrate your expertise and even establish a status of thought leadership.
  • Ensures every tactic has a clear purpose and measurable call-to-action.
  • Know exactly what piece of content will be published and promoted for the next 90 days!



67% Growth in YOY Sales. Boom!<

"After our campaigns were up and running, we saw a huge increase in web store sales. And that's what we really wanted to see."

Deb Erickson, Owner - The Line Up

Blueprint Deliverables

A strategy for inbound marketing and custom execution plan that often includes:

• SMART Business Goals creation
• Inbound Marketing SWOT
• Marketing Automation Opportunities
• SWOT Analysis of Competitors
• Detailed Buyer Persona Profiles
• SEO/CRO Opportunities
• Lead Nurturing Email Suggestions
• 3 month Editorial Calendar
• Organic Social Media & Video Opportunities
• 90-day Inbound Marketing Campaign



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Some of Our Digital Toolset

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Meet The Strategists

Brendon Dennewill
Focus: Business and Sales Strategy
Adam Stewart
Focus: Content & Inbound Strategy

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