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How “ready” is your company for the future?


Is the way you've always sold and done business no longer effective?

Do you feel as though you're under constant competitive pressure?

Are you able to provide the customer experience that people expect today?

Do your teams still use a lot of manual processes?

Would the right data and customer intelligence insights enable you to make faster & better decisions?


The pace of digital change is rising exponentially, making it very challenging for businesses in every industry to maintain a position of leadership.


Digital transformation provides a valuable opportunity for companies to leverage technology to automate manual processes and have better data. The result is happier employees, more innovation, a superior customer experience, and faster & more profitable growth. 


Adapting, and embracing digital is the only way to not only survive, but thrive in the new economy.


Our job is to help you prepare.

Welcome to DenamiCON.


Our team will guide you through assessing your company's digital effectiveness so you can identify a starting point with your own sales, marketing, and client success processes. We'll share valuable skills for your sales, marketing, and client success efforts to ensure that no matter the economic climate, your business is built to thrive.


Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 27th from 8:30am-11:30am.


Some of what you'll learn:

Effective and impactful methods for communicating with people today even though they block out email and phone calls.

How to eliminate the silos between sales and marketing.

How to increase force and reduce friction in your sales process.

How to begin planning the digital transformation of your business and become more resilient and competitive.

Who Should Attend DenamiCON 2020?

If you are responsible for business and revenue growth, this conference is for you. Discounted ticket prices are available for 2+ individual attendees from each company.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
VP of Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing
Business Advisors & Consultants
Growth Consultants
Sales & Marketing Managers


DenamiCON is fueled by collaboration and insights from our team of inbound marketers, sales insiders, tech nerds, automation logicians (logical magicians), business-savvy growth experts, and SMB enthusiasts. Here's the plan for the day:

Introduction: Steps to guide your company's journey toward Digital Transformation

15 Min

Session #1: Delighting Your Customers and Employees Alike: 3 Strategies To Create Long-Lasting "Wow" Experiences

15 Min

Session #2: 4 Time-Saving Automation Tactics That Will Make Your Sales, Marketing, and Client Success Processes More Efficient

30 Min

Session #3: Bringing it all together: 3 Transformative Tactics That Help Your Business Gain Sales and Marketing Momentum

30 Min

Panel Discussion

45 Min


"I just want to say that this was one of the best events I've
attended in a long while — and I go to a lot of events! I would
definitely recommend this to digital marketers and salespeople."


"Great to get some ideas on the process for evaluating our tech stack
to determine what's missing, what's working for us, and what's not.
Eager to use the framework provided to map out the various use cases,
objectives, and stakeholders for all of our tools, especially as we're
budgeting for next year. Thanks for a great afternoon!"


—Past DenamiCON attendees





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Single admission ticket to DenamiCON.




Fees shouldn't stand in the way of participation. If you’re a student, nonprofit leader, or tight on cash, this is the ticket for you.


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"I found the sessions to be engaging, dynamic, educational, and entertaining."


—Past DenamiCON attendee


DenamiCON 2019 Highlight

About DenamiCON

DenamiCON is a virtual skill-share conference for business, sales, and marketing leaders. The content empowers companies to understand and implement growth strategies in the ever-changing digital landscape. We cover topics that are critical in helping you grow your business faster and more efficiently, resulting in a competitive edge within your industry.


Past topics have included:

  1. The New "Business as Usual" in the Digital Economy – aligning data, tech, and processes to achieve growth
  2. The Digital Buyer: How Today’s Buyer has Changed and What We Must Do About It
  3. Marketing in the Machine Age: The Path to a More (Artificially) Intelligent Future

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