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Blogging for Business Toolkit

This toolkit contains all the essentials to get your business blog running smoothly and effectively. The toolkit contains an 81-page eBook, three must-have templates and checklists, and more!

blogging for business toolkit

Blog Optimization Toolkit

If you've started a business blog and are now looking for ways to make it work harder, this toolkit is for you. It includes an ebook, 12 videos and blog posts, and a template you can use to power up your blog.

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Downloadable eBooks

25 Website Must-Haves

Having a website alone isn't the key to great results. A site needs to attract visitors, educate them and convince them to buy. In this eBook, you'll learn how to use your website to generate more traffic, leads and sales.

free ebook: 25 website must haves

6 Business Performance Metrics Every CEO & CMO Needs to Care About

When the time comes to examine the impact of marketing efforts, many business leaders simply don't have the time to pour over each and every marketing metric. This brief 12-page cheat sheet will walk you through the six critical marketing metrics that every CEO & CMO needs to know.

eBook: 6 Business Performance Metrics

Business Blogging Fundamentals

In this 81-page ebook, we walk you step-by-step through the blogging fundamentals and show you how to start reaping the benefits of this important marketing channel.

free business blogging ebook

How to Turn Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

This eBook is your guide to using Facebook to improve lead generation and increase sales. Discover how to plan your Facebook strategy, …direct fans to your company website, ...turn leads into customers, …and more!

how to turn Facebook fans into paying customers

When to Outsource Your Marketing

Want to know if outsourced marketing is right for your business? In this eBook, you'll discover key business drivers to weigh the outsourcing decision, …top five efficiency gains from outsourcing, …and how to get started.

free eBook - When to Outsource Your Marketing

Social Media Advocacy

On average, when employees share something - anything- with their social networks, each one reaches 20 times more people than a typical brand sharing with the same number of followers. Learn how to leverage your employees by downloading this free guide.


Templates and Checklists

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business

Produce smarter, more customer-focused communications with this persona template! With this template you can learn best practices for persona research and create beautiful, well-formatted buyer personas that you can share with your entire company.

buyer persona template

Blog Post SEO Checklist

A quick, effective tool to assure all your posts are optimized for search. This blog post SEO Checklist will provide you with an easy-to use guide for knowing exactly how to optimize your blog posts.

free blog post seo checklist

Blog Post Template

To help you create effective blog posts, we've put together this template for you. In this template, you'll find a reusable outline for all your blog posts.

free blog post template

Blogging Editorial Calendar Template on Trello

This blogging editorial calendar template on Trello will help guide your blogging strategy, and it will help you stay on track so you can deliver consistent, quality content to your target audiences.

Free blogging editorial calendar template

Job Candidate Questionnaire: Social Media Manager

To help you attract more qualified candidates, we put together this questionnaire. Use it as part of your application process to help pre-screen applicants.

social media candidate questionnaire

How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Start building your own custom inbound campaign that gets results! 

how to run an inbound campaign checklist

Client Quotes

They immediately helped us with our budget, identifying better ways to target our marketing dollars.

The team quickly identified what this client was doing right and what they could do better, bringing not only marketing expertise, but also a fresh perspective.

– A.K., General Manager for a Minneapolis-based business

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