Brendon is an experienced, steady, curious, listener with a passion for problem-solving at the intersection of business, marketing, and technology for sustained business success. His value comes from his big-picture perspective and unquenchable yearning for learning, self-improvement, and wanting to improve the lives of others.

His core passion is wanting to help business owners identify and work through the biggest issues holding them back. He uses the customer-centric philosophies and frameworks from organizations such as HubSpot, EOS, and Scaling Up to guide business owners through the obstacles preventing their scalability, increased value, and team health. He plans to do this for the rest of his career.

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How to Build a Customer Experience Strategy for Predictable Success [on the HubSpot CRM]

Of the 60+ businesses I've spoken with so far in 2019, I was surprised that fewer than half were using a CRM. What surprised me even more, was that of the ones that were using a CRM, 90% of them were using it with completely the wrong objectives. They're mostly focused on internal processes instead of the customer. On average they're using less than 25% of the capability and purpose of a CRM and missing out on the most valuable opportunities of a well structured CRM and Customer Experience platform.

BOSTON, MA  |  SEPTEMBER 3-6, 2019

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"What got you here won't get you there."

—Marshall Goldsmith

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