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The SQLs we gained only tells part of the story. How we increased the value per patient to Boger is where the value of inbound marketing really delivered. During December 2017, Boger Dental’s non-general patient population increased to 29.23%. And to date, in Q1 2018, non-general appointment requests have increased to 36%.

Project Overview

Many dental offices struggle to operate at their full potential profitability. Even if appointments are booked all day, they’re often filled with routine check-ups that don’t provide optimal margins.

This was the situation at Boger Dental. So, they turned to Denamico to develop an inbound marketing strategy that segmented their audience and attracted patients who needed higher value dental services; sedation, cosmetic, TMJ, and implants.

Our inbound marketing plan has been transformational for Boger Dental.

  • Increased appointments for the targeted services to 36% of the total appointments requested
  • SQLs for Q3 2017 increased 120% higher from Q3 2016

Solution Overview

In a dental office, costs of services vary drastically. So, chairs and appointments can be at capacity, and the office can still be making a much lower profit than they have the potential to reach.

Boger wanted to increase both their quantity of sales-qualified leads, and the value of each lead. In November 2016, they hired our team at Denamico to take on this challenge.

Our services for Boger Dental included:

  1. Developing a strategic inbound strategy blueprint
  2. Building the inbound marketing engine on HubSpot, and
  3. Implementing targeted campaigns

To help differentiate Boger’s different service offerings, we chose to implement separate campaigns for:

  • Sedation dentistry, Cosmetic dentistry, Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) and Dental implants

"It is our obligation to diagnose and inform you of your dental needs so that you can make sound decisions regarding your care.  We will listen to your concerns and give you all of the necessary information so that you can make the best choices for you and your family."

Develop an Inbound 
Marketing Strategy

Boger Dental needed a strategy that would help potential patients for their higher-margin services find them. As experts in inbound marketing and targeted content, we recommended a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.

  • First, we gathered information about Boger Dental’s revenue and marketing goals, key buyer personas, website functionality, and existing content assets.
  • Next, we identified ways to target and attract their key buyer personas. For Boger Dental, key buyer personas include patients looking for cosmetic procedures, TMJ treatment, and dental sedation.  
  • Then, we followed up with strategies for website improvements, content creation, conversion optimization, marketing automation, email marketing, social media engagement, and search engine ranking opportunities.

Build the Inbound 
Marketing Engine

Having an inbound strategy is a great start, and the next step was to build it out, using HubSpot’s marketing automation platform.  

Our team of content creators set out to create premium content offers, blog posts, monthly newsletters, and social media posts based on our targeted campaigns and personas.

Each content offer was mapped to the buyer’s journey and was supported with lead nurturing email workflows.

Ongoing Campaign Management Grows All the Right SQLs

Phase three has lasted several quarters and included the implementation of several campaigns.

During 2017 Q3, we launched a Boger Dental Sedation Campaign. This included adding sedation pages to the website, completing two sedation videos to support the campaign, publishing numerous sedation-focused blogs, and completing graphic design work to highlight Boger Dental in the local Plymouth Magazine’s September issue.

We saw a huge jump in SQLs during this quarter - while Q3 2016 averaged 20 SQLs per month, Q3 2017 averaged 44 SQLs per month, a 120% jump from the Q3 2016 average.

During Q4 2017, we shifted focuses and launched a Boger Cosmetic Campaign. This included regular cosmetic-focused blogs, as well as corresponding offers. SQLs stayed strong during this quarter, averaging 45 SQLs per month. SQLs stayed strong during this quarter, averaging 45 SQLs per month. (This was slightly higher than the preceding quarter, when SQLs averaged 44 per month for Q3 2017.) We’re looking forward to getting even better data in May of this year, when we’ll finally have year-over-year data to compare.


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